Comic book workshop in English


Sans Chichi - Châteauroux

16h30-17h30 - 8€ ou 17h30-18h30 - 8€

Celebrate the magical history of the Scottish people in comic books, hear their cry for freedom!

An interactive book reading and English as a foreign language workshop for children and families.

Scottish Whiskey Tasting



19h-21h - 15€

Tasting whisky is not only about colour, smell or taste, it is about letting the 5 senses speak to hear the rhythm of the Scottish Highlands.

An interactive workshop to learn English around the theme of whisky tasting.

Celebrating the arrival of the Haggis



12h-14h - 25€

For more than 200 years, every January on the anniversary of his birth, Scots have celebrated Robert Burns with a dinner, where they celebrate haggis and whisky. The poet even wrote an ode to the Haggis, a traditional Scottish dish!

Scottish Pub Quiz



à partir de 16h30 - prix libre

The great time to have fun and laugh, test your knowledge of Scottish music, history and culture with your friends, old and new with the Pub Quiz!

An interactive quiz in Frenglish, for all levels of English,