Guided Tours

Guided Tours

Our guided tours cover the entire former province of the Berry

From the medieval town of Bourges – city of the Dukes and Kings – to the picturesque splendour of Valençay, via Napoleon’s Châteauroux and the majestic Nohant-Vic, not to mention the cultural riches of Argenton-sur-Creuse and the peaceful countryside of Prissac.

By Bike

We offer a wide variety of cycling routes over of different distances depending on the your capabilities.

A short tour around Argenton-sur-Creuse will take you from prehistory to the Middle Ages, passing through the Gallo-Roman period.

With the ‘green regional route’ on our doorstep, it is easy and quick to immerse yourself in diverse natural landscapes where wildlife and plants thrive. You will not be disappointed.

The magnificent views and unspoilt countryside around Argenton-sur-Creuse have always inspired painters, from the first impressionists to Monet and this itinerary is your chance to discover a little of the magic that inspired them

One-day ride – Classic bike, 50 €, electric bike, 60 €

Electric bicycles and multi-access bicycles f are available on request. Limited number.
Prices include bike rental and meals for day trips.

On foot

Visit differently on the basis of guided tour following the thread of a real story to carry out an investigation or a treasure hunt. These life-size tours will immerse you in the hidden history of a city.

Visits available in French and English:

Argenton-sur-Creuse, the 1900s “The history of the factory”: a precious jewel has disappeared and a young girl is accused. If she can’t prove her innocence, she’ll lose everything. It’s up to you to solve the riddle.

15 € (admission to the Museum of Shirts and Men’s Elegance included) 3 hours of visit.

(15 € including admission to the Argentomagus Museum) – The conquest of Britannica is underway and we manufacture weapons for the army, which is not an easy task since Argentomagus and the Brenne are among the most important weapons manufacturing sites in the whole Roman Empire. Discover how the weapons are made and why the Brenne is the perfect place for it.

In the Middle Ages – This is the time to collect window tax – a tax related to the number of windows of each house. Help the residents of Saint-Benoît-du-Sault hide their windows properly or argue whether they are windows or doors or distract the tax collector.

This one-day walk will take you through the forest with the chance to discover the variety of the Berry’s natural heritage. with a yummy picnic included.

Join ‘le maquis’ during the clandestine pilgrimage of La Bonne-Dame de Prissac. Find weapons caches and help report British planes.

A storytelling tour that explains how the English are actually French?!, that they speak French better than the French and how they keep being overestimating.

Multi-access transport possible on request.
The price for day trips includes lunch and refreshments.

Day trip by minibus

For these more distant visits, we invite you to immerse yourself in the history and culture of the Berry. These visits start and end in the centre of Argenton-sur-Creuse (unless otherwise stated). All destinations are about an hour’s drive away (depending on traffic).

A full day with a chocolate workshop, a visit to the castle of Valençay, a lunch with three courses included and the chance to taste local wines and cheeses.

George Sand and Chopin were so inspired by the region that most of their major works were created in Nohant and Gargilesse. The tour price includes entry and visit to George Sand’s two residences as well as transportation.

80 € per person (transport from Argenton or Châteauroux, meals and museum admission included).

Tour of the painters of the Creuse, visit several key sites of the Creuse Valley (immortalized by Monet among others) followed by a painting course with a professional English artist. Argenton, Gargilesse, Saint-Benoît-du-Sault (Le Faye), Crozant, Fresselines.

80 € per person (transport from Argenton or Châteauroux, meals and painting materials included).

The forests, ponds and plains of the Brenne Regional Nature Park are home to many wild or domesticated species and are a haven for birds and wild flowers.

80 € per person (transport from Argenton or Châteauroux, meals included).

Multi-access transport possible on request.
Rates include transportation, tastings, and meals for daily visits.