Our teaching methods

From the 10th to 14th century the Trobadors travelled throughout Europe to share stories through music, poetry and art.

We continue their work, exploring their historic region through art, nature, gastronomy and history. We use these themes as the basis for our language training. Just as the ancient Trobadors were guides who promoted culture, news and exchange our guides are the Trobadors of today.

It’s our aim but also what brings us joy. Teaching language and learning from you.

Learning shouldn't be boring.

Les Trobadors are there to help you to find different way to communicate. No need to sit at a desk reciting conjugations. Your linguistic guides make the best use of your time; teaching the key skills you’ll need to help you communicate in another language. Inspired by:

improvisation, music, art and culture.

We focus on communication and we’ll help you to express yourself and understand others in French, English or Chinese.

Learn online

Virtual classes are available in individual sessions, group workshops or a mix of both with regular supplementary skill workshops. The only difference from face to face classes is that you can take part from anywhere in the world. You'll also meet people from other countries which will enriched the experience.

If you have a busy schedule or live a long way away from one of our centres why not check out the online or residential method. Telephone lessons are a great way to maintain or polish up your language level.

One-to-one training

Whether you have a bad experience in language learning or you simply want to deepen your understanding of a beautiful language, we offer a learning program adapted to your needs and desires!

One to one lessons are the answer. Based on your availability we can program weekly, daily or intensive sessions. The ideal compliment to group classes or skills workshops.

Group classes

Group classes are the moment to test your comprehension and expression. A fun get together less tiring or intense than the one to one classes.

You can consolidate your level, in a practical way, in real-life situations.

Les Trobadors group classes
  • Comprehension – describe yourself, people and objects.
  • Structure – talk about the past and structure you conversations.
  • Words – subjects, active and passive. Describe complex processes.
  • Expression – control your breathing, work on projecting your voice through posture, vocal coaching, pronunciation.
  • Put it all in to practice.

Grammatical structures: conversations, uses and meanings. Use suffixes and prefixes and regular structures to explode your vocabulary.

  • Words – academic vocabulary, commerce and industry, develop your vocabulary to talk about the business world as well as politics, art and culture.
  • Expression – phrases, verbs and idiomatic expressions.
  • Comprehension – the sounds of language: rhymes, rhythm and pronunciation. Use numerous techniques like listening for detail or meaning, repetition and drilling.
  • Structure – phonetics, writing styles, the cadence of dialects.
  • Words – phraseology. Word and syllable stress. Long and short vowels.
  • Toungue placement, cardianal vowels.
  • Pronunciation, fluidity of expression.
  • Structure – Question formation – answer sucinctly. Using basic structures.
  • Comprehension and reformulation of long phrases.
  • Expression – Perceptions of social language (formal and informal)
  • Giving instructions
  • Words: subtext, rhetoric and idiom.
  • Put it all in to practice.

Training focused on 4 key skills

An innovative methof that helps students improve their practice of the language and become more fluent thanks to interactive workshops.

We avoid long grammatical explanations focusing on the practical necessities and needs of each individual. With our method you can finally attain the language level you always dreamed of. Our training is a combination of one-to-one lessons, group classes, and skill workshops: face to face, by telephone/video or online.

Accessible to all, whatever your level (begginer or advanced).

Our sessions help you to learn a language in the same way you learned you mother tongue: you listen, you repeat, you put it in to practice. Once you’ve got your tongue round the sounds you can master the grammar in you own time using our educational supports then put it in to practice in your next class.

Our courses are given by qualified and experienced professionals and due to our method you can improve your level at your own rhythm, in a relaxed way.

and for those who need to get better quickly our guides are available to support you on your journey.

Our guides’ expertise in varied domains: history, linguistics, performance among others, as well their own language learning experiences helps them to adapt their teaching methods to your needs.

Our courses develop your ability to communicate with confidence. The interactive skills workshops give you that “real life” experience supported by the safety net of preparatory classes.

Our on line method

Every week we're adding to our online content to allow our students to keep learning...and enjoying language.

Follow the link for more information about on line courses.