Les Trobadors - junior

Changing the way you learn languages

Our courses are based on the same principles as adults.
Student led learning – you guide your own learning

To retain information the learning experience must be interesting, fun and make sense.
The brain doesn’t store useless information. A child’s life is full of tests and exams.
We want to inspire a passion.

We focus on fun!

Young people are constantly pushed to retain information.

That's why the Trobadors approach is so refreshing.

With fun activities such as quizes, songs and, most importantly conversation, our students have a nice time with their peers. It is our language guides, specialists in theatre techniques, who coach them to develop.

We offer a range of courses (daily,weekly or intensive, on line or face-to-face) each focused on a key skill (presentation, communication, literature, sport etc.).

With more than 15 years of experience working with young learners we have everything to meet your needs.

In addition, “Trobadors exeriences”, such as treasure hunts or quizes, are an opportunity put into practice all the newly acquired vocabulary.

Training focused on 4 key skills

Our expertise in different fields, history, linguistics, entertainment, and our own experience learning French have led us to create an innovative approach to learning language, different from traditional methods.

Do you want tailor-made language training?

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