Individual training

No matter what your level, there is always a way to improve. Are you stuck by a lack of fluency in expression? Have you had a bad teaching experience at school? You know that “Brian is in the kitchen” and “see” goes with “saw” and “seen”, without knowing when to use one or the other or you can no longer find your words when before you spoke correctly? Do you want to travel or progress professionally but have difficulty maintaining ongoing relationships with people abroad?

Whatever your situation, we have a solution to offer you! Group classes, face-to-face, Skype, phone, e-learning or a mix of all that. There are a variety of ways to improve your level without necessarily paying (many financings are available).

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Training focused on 4 key skills

Our study in the different fields: history, linguistics, spectacle and our experience in learning the French language shed light on an innovative approach to learning the English language, different from traditional methods.

Training eligible for the CPF

Funding your training?

This is possible thanks to the personal training account that allows you to acquire rights under your professional activity.

Do you want tailor-made language training?

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