Our story

Our story

Les Trobadors

Les Trobadors oringially Els Trobadors : Origin – provincial – Occitan or Langue d’Oc
Were poets of the 12th and 13th century who wrote ballads in the “langues d’Oc” region of France
Traveling mistrals or musicians

Our journey

When we embarked on the adventure of learning a new language, we were surprised by the gulf between how a language is taught and how we actually learn. It is from this moment that our method started to take form: languages are living things and the only way to achieve perfection live through them.

Our mission is to provide our travellers with a careful selection of learning methods, activities and excursions that offer excellent service and comfort, with well-designed itineraries allowing  everyone to make the most of their holiday.

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Curated Holidays

The new way to learn a language through cultural immersion. Learning a language which will serve as the key to Study Tour that showcases the rich history of the Berry.

“To know two languages is to have a second soul” Charlemagne

We offer an innovative way of learning – a method that gives students the chance to improve their language then develop their fluency by using it in practical workshops.

A holiday that transforms you
in body and mind

It is a moment of pleasure outside the confines of everyday life, an experience that justifies the cost and energy of the trip and allows you to gather memories that you will cherish for  a lifetime.

This holiday, as its name suggests, should transform you. It will have a lasting impact on your life, your state of mind, your way of thinking about your daily life, your relationships with others.

The objective of the program is to allow you to focus on your well-being and get back to basics.

Give yourself the opportunity to see yourself and others differently.


A village in the heart of France

Our centre is located in the heart of the city of Argenton-sur-Creuse (36). We work in partnership with local merchants, craftsmen and hoteliers. The centre offers language immersion stays (in French and English).

A typical day consists of language workshops in the morning, run by a local guide. The language you learn there will help you benefit fully from your afternoon’s experience.

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