Les Trobadors in the News

Les Trobadors in the News

La Nouvelle République

Publié le 26/01/2020

The relaxed English classes of two Brits

in the Brenne

The two Brits offer language holidays in English with their company, Les Trobadors.

Argenton-sur-Creuse, Châteauroux, Markus Adams and Samuel Exley, recently settled in Prissac, seduced the people of the Brenne, with an open day at the Le Blanc tourist office, followed by a trial course at the Terre d’Ailleurs agency. “There is no longer any English language training organisations in Le Blanc, although there is a great demand,” says Florence Constant, head of the tourist office.

Interactive workshops based on the spoken word
Anyone was welcome for a test session that brought back memories for Didier, Jean-Pierre and others… ” The English classes of our youth were “very academic”, boring, focused on the written word and not very effective, whereas in this session, we spoke English and we were able to exchange on the theme of cooking.  I didn’t remember all the vocabulary was lacking. but it was a lot of fun,” they said, satisfied.

Markus and Samuel’s fun and lively learning method is obviously very popular and the topics covered, using role-play between the participants, were a success.
“We offer training courses that give everyone the opportunity to improve their language skills and acquire fluency through interactive workshops. We avoid writing and long explanations, prioritising practice and speaking. We use the kitchen as a support for our courses. There will be monthly cooking workshops in Mézières-en-Brenne “, explains Markus Adams.

Practical information:
Conversations en anglais :
Terre d’Ailleurs,
23, rue du Général-Leclerc,
au Blanc.
Les Trobadors, contact :
tél. ;
Site internet : lestrobadors.com

La Nouvelle République

Publié le 02 septembre 2019

Châteauroux: the rue Grande on Scottish time

Two british people have decided to celebrate Burns’ supper, the Scottish national day, tomorrow and Saturday. On the menu, whisky tasting, typical meal and comic book workshop.

Markus Adams, 36, and Samuel Exley, 38, are British. They are from Manchester and Leicester, two cities well known to football fans. Their thing is not football but the language of Shakespeare. A year ago, the pair founded Les Trobadors, a company for learning personalised English.
Newly integrated into the life of Castelroussine after years spent in Paris and Lyon, the two took advantage of the upcoming arrival of a famous event across the Channel, Burns’ dinner, to celebrate. It’s the equivalent of the national holiday in Scotland, and has been celebrated throughout the UK every January 25th for two centuries,” explains Samuel, before recalling its origins. The festival pays tribute to a famous 13th-century Scottish poet, Robert Burns. »

Haggis, whisky and pub quiz

Markus and Samuel will take over the rue Grande, Friday and Saturday, and will offer several events with a Scottish sauce. “We will start on Friday afternoon with a comic strip workshop, in English, for children. In the evening, it is the adults who will this time be invited to a tasting of three quality whiskies (Benromach, GlenDronach 12 years old and Raasay). They will be given explanations on the conception of this alcohol of Scottish origin. Once again, everything will be in English, because we really want to show that you can learn in a common language, in everyday life,” says Markus.
Saturday lunchtime, it’s time for gastronomy with a traditional Scottish meal based on the famous “haggis”. “A typical dish, a sheep’s stomach stuffed with meat. It’s a bit peppery, it looks a bit like black pudding. The haggis is eaten that day because Robert Burns wrote a poem about it, Address to the haggis. It’s tradition to read that poem before the meal, that’s what we’ll do! »
In the afternoon, a change of atmosphere with a very Anglo-Saxon animation, a “pub quiz” on the theme of Scotland, organized at Le Bruit qui tourne. Finally, a little later, the bar on rue Grande will offer an evening of Scottish music with a playlist of artists or groups from the land of Loch Ness. “We can’t imagine the number of Scottish singers: Simple Minds, Texas, Calvin Harris, Frantz Ferdinand to name but a few. We’ll be adding a little touch of traditional music to it, all the same,” says the two organisers, in impeccable French but with a so British accent!

Meals and whisky tasting on reservation. Contact: tel. or contact@lestrobadors.com or Facebook : @lestrobadors.

The program.

> Friday 24th January. At Le Sans-chichi, 97, rue Grande: comic strip workshop, at 4.30 pm and 5.30 pm. Price : 8 €.
Whisky tasting, at 7 pm. Tariff 16 €.
> Saturday 25 January. Traditional Scottish meal (haggis, salmon, fruit shortbread, whisky), at 12 noon, at Le P’tit Bouchon, 64, rue Grande. Tariff 22€.
Pub quiz, at 4 pm, and Scottish music evening, at 7 pm, at Le Bruit qui tourne, 99, rue Grande.

La Nouvelle République

Publié le 29/12/2019

Markus and Samuel, all smiles, announce their arrival at Le Blanc at the beginning of January. Settled two years ago in Argenton-sur-Creuse, with one foot in Châteauroux, the Trobadors are slowly following the course of the Creuse, “a little in the spirit of the valley of the painters”. Pursuing their language exchange project, “either learning English in a fun way, by taking part in courses and workshops on different themes, such as cooking”.

This time, they are taking their proposal all the way to Le Blanc. “The city has a wonderful heritage,” say the two connoisseurs, who have a background in built heritage, with tourism as the umbrella for their project. On Saturday 11 January, they will therefore welcome the volunteers at the Blancois tourist office for a day of discovery of the Trobadors.

And, from Monday 13 January, they will be offering practical work. “A free, no-obligation trial course to test”, they explain, adding that they are running “workshops for children, teenagers and adults. Our groups are intergenerational, from 16 to 75 years old, or even older”. Diversity is sought after, “unemployed, workers, students, artists, mixing is essential for us”.

Their pedagogy is based on Maria Montessori’s method, the rhythm of each being respected. However it is also possible, as the Trobadors are an approved centre, to prepare for the Cambridge tests, which are valid for two years and are linked on a European scale. The spirit of the Trobadors, however, “is relaxation, oral communication being privileged. If there is a demand, we will propose other days, which will take place at the Terre d’Ailleurs travel agency “.

The Trobadors. Discovery morning, Saturday 11th January, from 9am to 12pm, at the tourist office su Blanc, Place de la Libération. Monday 13 January, trial lesson, at the Terre d’ailleurs agency, 23, rue du Général-Leclerc: at 5 pm, young public; at 6 pm, adult beginners and false beginners; at 7 pm, advanced level. Contact: tel. E-mail: contact@lestrobadors.com Website: lestrobadors.com

Présentation de la Pépinière d'entreprises de Châteauroux Métropole

La Nouvelle République

Publié le 16/09/2019

The new coworking area of the business incubator, Place de la Gare, was inaugurated last Friday. It is open to all audiences: students, SMEs and start-ups.

Sorrowful minds, faithful to the French language, are warned. The language of Shakespeare prevails in the business incubator, place de la Gare.
At the inauguration of the new “coworking” space on Friday, Carole Druelle, head of animation and development, gives a more accessible version: “It’s a collaborative space to work together. It is conducive to creativity and exchange. »
On 60 m2, this new space has been redesigned and fitted out with adapted furniture and colours. It allows the 16 start-ups in the nursery – on 22 sites – to meet and boil the kettle of ideas.
The history of this business incubator goes back a long way. As Catherine Dupont, vice-president of Châteauroux Métropole, in charge of the Economy, reminds us: “It was created in 1991 and taken over by Châteauroux Métropole in 2010. Its vocation is to welcome companies in the process of being created. In 2018, as part of the Vivarte revitalization plan, funds were allocated and made it possible to imagine the future of this incubator with the recruitment of Carole Druelle, who succeeds Marie-France Allier. »
Vivarte Revitalization PlanSecretary General of the Prefecture and sub-prefect, Lucile Josse provides some details: “This revitalization plan is a mechanism put in place when a company launches a social plan (Vivarte in Montierchaume). A breath of fresh air but behind it, there are people who fight every day to support entrepreneurs. »
Start-ups appreciate this coworking like the company i-Concept: “We are a design office in Mécaprécis, Châtillon. We left Colbert to come here, more adapted and, moreover, we benefit from an accompaniment. “Samuel Exley and Mark Adams are English. They created The Trobadors: “To promote language learning and bring foreigners who would learn French in Berry. »

CHTX Métropole N°23

Published 02 septembre 2019

LES TROBADORS, so Berry-tish !

Located in the business incubator on rue de la Gare, the small structure created by Markus and Samuel offers to learn to speak English (or French for Anglophones) by discovering Berry.

Originally from Manchester and Corby, Markus Adams and Samuel Exley are convinced Francophiles. After various professional experiences as English teachers in Paris and then in Lyon, these pure British fell in love with Berry when they came to see the parents of Markus who had just bought a cottage in Prissac, in the Brenne region. They then decided to move to Indre, where Markus works at the CCI, and then to create their company of one-week immersion language and cultural stays. Thus were born Les Trobadors, a word evoking orality and very similar in both French and English.” It also recalls the period of Eleanor of Aquitaine, wife of the King of France and then of the King of England, as a link between our two countries,” explains Samuel.


The original idea is to introduce visitors to the area through guided tours, restaurant outings, cooking classes, games, etc., in French for English speakers or in English for French speakers. “These are not traditional courses, we speak, we exchange, but always in the language of the stay,” add Samuel and Markus, who are overflowing with ideas to develop, including a move to the city centre. A Chinese sales representative will also join them shortly, to open the business to Chinese nationals. Because Berry is a bit like the crossroads of the world! Open house on September 14, at the Tourist Office, 2 Place de la République (9am-12:30pm).

Contact :

07 68 90 93 12/09 80 82 33 43 43 contact@lestrobadors.com

Ze Mag

Published  03/09/2019

Formations en immersion linguistique & culturelle à Argenton-sur-Creuse

Created in January 2019, the start-up Les Trobadors offers stays and training in linguistic and cultural immersion in the Berry region, Markus ADAMS and Samuel EXLEY, Trobadors trainers, residing for ten years in France and two years in the Indre, wish to highlight the region and its actors. The first studied linguistics and worked in the field of training, the second is an English teacher and actor. They share the same conviction: “The best way to learn is by practicing”.

Former participants of the “Building my business project” internship at the CCI and now followed by Initiative Brenne, they are currently hosted and supported by the Châteauroux Métropole Business Incubator. Having found that language training had to adapt to the new requirements of the public, they created a start-up to “help the French to learn English, and foreigners to learn French”. They offer an innovative way of learning; a pedagogy that gives students the opportunity to improve the practice of the language, and to acquire more fluency by practicing it through specific workshops.

They invite you to come and discover it at the two open days: 07/09 from 9am to 12:30pm at 14 rue du Point-du-Jour in Argenton-sur-Creuse and 14/09 from 9am to 12:30pm at 2 place de la République in Châteauroux. You will have the opportunity to test their English and Chinese courses before the launch of their weekly courses: every Tuesday and Saturday in Argenton-sur-Creuse and every Wednesday in Châteauroux.

Contact: www.lestrobadors.com or tel.

Au Centre de la Question

Publié Jul 28, 2019

Fast and Curious avec Les Trobadors – Au Centre de la Question #E16

Sam Exley Adams and Markus Exley Adams who created Les Trobadors are back this week to give advice to the youth of the department!

L'Echo du Berry

Published 11/06/2019

Les Trobadors proposent des séjours linguistiques et culturels en Berry

Samuel Exley and Markus Adams have set up their training centre on Rue du Point-du-Jour in Argenton. They want to help the English learn French through immersion stays and also teach English to the French.

Samuel Exley is from Leicester, England. He studied theatre in Liverpool where he obtained a degree in performing arts. He arrived in Paris in 2007 to follow a qualifying course in English language teaching and then, two years later, he moved to Lyon where he worked as an English teacher for eight years in schools and companies. His training as an actor allowed him to teach in a playful way. His partner Markus Adams is from Manchester. Passionate about Egyptology, he first worked as head of reservations in luxury hotels in Liverpool. 11 came to Paris in 2008 to follow the same training as Samuel while working for large companies. Then, in Lyon, he taught English to young people and was for five years pedagogical manager in a Wall Street English school.

Both of them had planned to go to Vietnam. Finally, it was in Prissac, where they joined parents, that they decided to leave their bags. Assuming that language training had to adapt to the new demands of the public, they created their “start-up” called Les Trobadors, in order to help the French to learn English and the English to learn French, starting at their training centre located at 14 rue Point-du- Jour in Argenton.

They participated in the internship Construire mon entreprise at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and are supported by Initiative Brenne. They are hosted and supported by the Châteauroux métropole business incubator. Sharing the same conviction that “the best way to learn is to practice”, they develop an offer of immersion language stays based on fun workshops combined with visits or experiences that promote local actors in various fields, such as gastronomy, fashion, art or history.

After school club for young people

Recently returned from China, where they participated in the International Tourism Fair in Beijing, they are ready to welcome English speakers to India, Brenne, Berry… They also offer professional training adapted to companies and individuals. In partnership with shopkeepers, craftsmen and hoteliers, they have also designed a “transactional stay” defined as a moment of pleasure offering memories that will be told to friends and family: “A stay, as its name suggests, must transform the participants. It will impact the way of living, thinking and relating to others, in a word, it will bring people back to basics and change their way of life. A typical day is based on the acquisition in the morning of the linguistic elements necessary for the afternoon activities. “Since the beginning of the summer holidays, the Trobadors have also been welcoming young people from 15 years of age in groups of eight to twelve for school reinforcement in English.

IB Jacky Barbaud

Contact: www.lestrobadors.com or tel.

La Nouvelle République

Published 16/08/2019 

La Guerre de Cent ans au Château Guillaume

The Hundred Years’ War as told by an Englishman: this is what the Brenne Natural Park proposed, on the site of Château Guillaume, on Tuesday. Samuel Exley, actor, retraced the different periods of this conflict that lasted more than a century between the French and the English. While walking along the park’s alleys, he mentioned the battles of Crecy, Poitiers and then Azincourt, in front of about twenty participants. The visit continued with a stop at the Petite Ménardière farm for a goat cheese tasting. Then the group headed back to the castle by Eleanor’s path.

La Nouvelle République

Published 02/08/2019

Balade contée par un Anglais amical

A beautiful stroll, such as the one proposed by the Brenne Regional Natural Park (PNR), and hosted by Samuel Exley, this Tuesday. This English artist and actor transported his audience in 1944. He put himself in the shoes of Richard, a young soldier born in Mauritius, who came to defend the city. He showed the visitors the emblematic places of the village at that time, the history of the maquis, at the crossroads of three regions, as his character could have seen them. The walk began at the church of Prissac, where Samuel Exley showed the statue of the Good Lady. Then, along the steep paths, about twenty participants, holidaymakers or inhabitants of the town, went to the washhouse, whose waters once had miraculous virtues and where a pilgrimage took place on August 15, until the 1970s. The troop then went to the Ribaud mill, the oldest mill in the region, where Maquis were hidden during the Second World War. There were fourteen of them at the time, either grain or oil. A small stopover with goat cheese tasting, at the Rémi-Louveau pond and the return to the village delighted the visitors. Samuel Exley will propose, on August 13, a stroll in Château-Guillaume; this time, he will put himself in the shoes of an English servant during the Hundred Years’ War.

Contact: www.lestrobadors.com or tel.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Indre

Published 31 may 2019 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Indre

La CCI Présente sur la Foire Exposition de Châteauroux

From May 29 to June 3, the Châteauroux Exhibition Fair was held. A real commercial showcase for local companies, a place of exchange and discovery, the 95th Foire de Châteauroux was intended to be exotic with Polynesia as guest of honour.

The CCI Indre had invited several entrepreneurs it accompanies to exhibit on individual stands: Les Trobadors, a language travel agency, Les Mots d’Altéa writing and editing, the Jean Burner publishing house and the K Production agency, a local multimedia graphic designer.

Four Châteauroux stores were also present as part of a partnership with Les Boutiques de Châteauroux: ShopForGeek (specialist in store by-products), Castelrou’chien (grooming salon), Saint Hilaire (ready-to-wear brand for men and women) and Effet Patine (decorative objects and furniture). A Berry Cuir Confection stand also presented its various artisanal products.
Berry cuir is a collective brand of leather goods made in Berry, a local label dedicated to sheepskin products made from sheepskin from the department.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Indre

Published 4 June 2019 by the CCI, Indre

L’apprentissage ou le lien entre la langue et la culture

Learning or the link between language and culture

Markus ADAMS and Samuel EXLEY, founders of the Trobadors, who have lived in France for ten years and in the Indre region for two years, wish to highlight the region and its actors. One is an English teacher and actor, the other has studied linguistics and worked in the field of training. They share the same conviction: “The best way to learn is by doing. »
Former participants of the “Building my business project” internship at the CCI, they are currently hosted and supported by the Châteauroux Métropole Business Incubator
Having noted that language training had to adapt to the new requirements of the public, they created a start-up to “help the French to learn English, and foreigners to learn French”.

From their training centre located on rue du Point-du-Jour in Argenton-sur-Creuse, the Trobadors have developed an offer of language and cultural immersion stays “based on fun language workshops linked to visits or experiences that promote local actors in various fields” (gastronomy, fashion, art, history).

A training offer adapted to companies and individuals completes this project. To discover….

La Nouvelle République

Published 25/05/19

Les Trobadors de Brenne

Markus Adams and Samuel Exley are English and have lived in France for twelve years. Based in Prissac, they have just created their startup, the Trobadors, and offer stays and training in linguistic and cultural immersion in Berry. Markus studied history and worked in the field of training; Samuel is an English teacher and actor.

For their project, they are monitored by Initiative Brenne, and received two honorary loans from Crédit Agricole in April. They are currently hosted and supported by the Châteauroux Métropole business incubator. “We offer an innovative pedagogy that allows trainees to improve their practice and become more comfortable,” say Markus and Samuel. They have already participated in the Vivatech exhibition in Paris, on the stand of the Centre-Val-de-Loire Region, and have just returned from the Beijing International Tourism Fair, where they made contact with Chinese travel agencies.

The Trobadors also offer three options: customized language training; English-language conversations on Tuesday evenings from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.; and a hotline for people with questions to resolve or forms to translate every Tuesday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. At the same time, Samuel is also following a Qualinat d’Indre Nature training course, and will offer a visit to Prissac on July 30.

Contact: www.lestrobadors.com or tel.