Study Tours: Discover

Study Tours: Discover

Level 1: Beginner

Discover the historical splendour of the Centre-Val de Loire region thanks
to a unique cultural and linguistic journey.

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Argenton-sur-Creuse, the Venice of Berry, is a city rich in history, with exceptional surroundings. Lively and modern, it only takes a few steps to find yourself transported back in time, with its old streets, its balustrade houses, its old bridges and splendid panorama over the meanders and undulations of the Creuse valley from the Esplanade of the Bonne-Dame Church. A stone’s throw away, the prehistoric site of Argentomagus which harks back to the city’s Gallo-Roman origin.


An native-speaker guide will accompany you throughout your language immersion program adapted to your abilities and needs. Each newly acquired concept will be reused in workshops. You will learn your new language in the same way that you acquired your mother tongue: seeing – saying – doing – it’s as simple as that.

Each of your lessons has been specially designed to untangle the complex cultural web of the Berry region. Your language guide will provide you with all the necessary resources so that you can fully participate in our workshops, excursions and guided tours.


Follow the historical footsteps of Argenton-sur-Creuse and Saint-Marcel with a quiz and an interactive walking tour. The opportunity to work in a team, to find clues, to question characters. During the week, the trip will also take you to La Châtre to learn how to create pottery and then plunge you into the 100-year war with a visit to several historical sites to learn the history of the Trobadors, Eleanor of Aquitaine, King Richard the Lionheart. All these are opportunities to acquire new vocabulary and to feel more comfortable in the use of the language.

How it works....

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More than 10 hours of language training with our expert guides and at least 15 hours of workshops or guided tours during which you will be able to taste the real flavour of France.

The objective of our courses is to create an experience that will have a lasting impact on your life, state of mind, way of understanding the world and your relationship with others, allowing you to refocus on the essential and improve your well-being.

A typical day includes morning language classes with our expert guides, who will give you the necessary language elements for your afternoon activities.

The discover routes

Our discovery tour is available with several itineraries covering the Berry region; whether it’s literary excellence or for sumptuous palaces that take your fancy, you will see the heart of France in all its beauty.

Here is an example of a tour,
your experience will depend on the season and your needs.

  • Day 1: Morning: introductions, asking and answering questions. Afternoon: interactive visit and quiz on the history of Argenton-sur-Creuse and Saint-Marcel. Teamwork to find clues, question the characters and solve puzzles.
  • Day 2. Day of language workshops: role plays, overcoming problems.
  • Day 3. Morning: course on pottery vocabulary – understanding instructions. In the afternoon: visit La Châtre to follow a pottery course, with two possibilities, a simple practice and one with a wheel (to make pots). The creations will be baked and dried and then returned to everyone.
  • Day 4. Day of language workshops: role plays, overcoming problems.
  • Day 5. The Hundred Years War : visit several historical sites in Berry to learn about the history of the Trobadors, Eleanor of Aquitaine, King Richard the Lionheart.
  • Day 6. Last class then lunch with an initiation ceremony to the Trobadors.

These are examples of a typical day,
your experience will depend on the season and your needs.

10am-11am: meet your Trobador and your course mates.

11am: break and refreshments.

11:15 am – 12:15 pm: your Trobador will help you discover the culture and gastronomy of the Berry region, its mysteries and secrets.

12:15-14:00: Lunch at a local restaurant with the rest of the group. You will taste the delicious local specialities, you will have the opportunity to visit the surroundings.

14:00-18:00: visit of a local workshop, you will be met by your guide to learn how traditional skills are used today, how ceramics or leather work are skills that are still sought after by haute couture houses or designers.

6:00-7:00 p. m.: Time for an aperitif! Local wines, cheeses, charcuterie.

From 7pm: this is your free time. We can book a table for you in a restaurant where you can use your time as you wish: relax, stroll, listen to the grass grow.

9:00 am: meeting with your driver who will take you to the meeting point.

10 am-11 am: during this excursion, your Trobador will guide you through the culture and gastronomy of Berry, its mysteries and secrets!

11:00 am: break and refreshments.

11:15-12:15: with your Trobador you will start working on the key points of your preparation for the afternoon workshop.

14 h-16 h: visit to a local workshop, you will be welcomed by your guide. Visit and contemplate magnificent buildings and exciting places, be guided by people from the region and be amazed by their stories.

16:00-16:15: Traditional tea time, the opportunity to taste local drinks and food.

4:00-5:00 p.m.: This is the time to relax and practice the language you have learned throughout the day, an opportunity to consolidate your new skills and techniques learned.

17:00-17:30: time for the traditional aperitif! Local wines, cheeses, charcuterie.

6:30 p.m: you will meet your driver to visit another place or to return to your hotel/point of departure.

From 6:30 pm: free time! We can book you a table in a restaurant where you can use your time as you wish: relax, stroll, listen to the grass grow.

Your journey program

Your day will starts by meeting your Trobador guide who will give you the keywords and language skills you require for your workshops or afternoon excursions.